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Wadi Group in the media

Wadi Group Short Film with English voice over 

Wadi Tabreed First Roadshow @ JW Marriott - 9th of August 2022 

A'laf al Wadi is offering an extraordinary business in the Egyptian feed market. 

Rula Farms strategy is to focus on crops that would fulfill the needs of our export markets.

Wadi Group Precautions towards CoronaVirus

فراخ متربية في مزارعنا ومتغذية بأعلافنا النباتية وخالية تمامًا من الهرمونات والمواد الحافظة
فراخ وادي فوود.. طعم طبيعي يتحب


Anta Tastahek .. Katkoot Al WADI 

Wadi Group of companies @ Agrena 2019

Eggs new Grading Machine investment by Wadi Group

September 2018

Wadi Food 3rd Harvest Festival HD December 2018

Wadi Food Second Egyptian Olive Harvest Festival 2017

Wadi Food award winning olives symposium 

Investment Oportunities in Olive sector in Egypt

Tabreed cooling pads educational material in English voice over 

Grand Parents one day old chicks landing at Wadi Group TOSHKA Upper Egypt desert

August 2017

 IFC Reportage on Family Business Governance, WADI Group Example

Wadi Tabreed Cooling Cell Pads - Arabic Voice-over